PTSD Treatments

ketamine for ptsd

Ketamine Therapy for PTSD in Redlands, CA

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as actually more an injury than a disorder. This injury causes you to re-experience intense and upsetting events from your past. You might feel or experience an overall emotional numbness and want to avoid people or places and even activities that remind you of those distressing or traumatizing experiences. Often, sleep is disruptive and even unattainable, you might feel jumpy, irritable, and angry. There is a plethora of symptoms that accompany this injury. Many that heighten the stress system and keep one hypervigilant.

For many, PTSD doesn’t usually respond to anti-depressants, and many may find themselves in years of psychotherapy before experiencing any relief for their deeply grooved trauma(s). Some find themselves in a space where nothing helps.

With Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) symptoms are not merely poked-at. Instead, a profound bio-chemical change in the brain allows such individuals to shift perspective in a radical way. Traumas are potentially dealt with from a space that doesn’t re-trigger the same emotions or body experiences releasing one from the imprisonment of such trauma(s).

At All PSYCHedelic Health, Relief comes rapidly when one responds to KAP, and with integration and recommended boosters, sustainability has been proven.
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