Substance Abuse Treatments

ketamine for substance abuse

Ketamine Therapy for substance abuse in Redlands, CA

Substance abuse creates systemic issues. You may be experiencing a change in health, mood or behavior. One’s health is often significantly compromised, and symptoms of depression and anxiety cohabitate. You might find that you have missed school or work and had a drop in overall function or performance. You might find that you are living lies and are struggling financially from poor or impulsive decisions. These are just a few symptoms of this vast disorder. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can be conducive in allaying both the abuse and craving of substances.

At All PSYCHedelic Health, we welcome you to change your mind by breaking down your patterns of defense and survival mode, which has kept you stuck in the pattern of addiction. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) has the potential to loosen and free you from the root causes of substance abuse.

Research has shown that KAP aids in the restoration and rebuilding or neural pathways and synaptic connections. Neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to literally rewire, gives life to new opportunities away from addiction and abuse.

Shifting perspective of the wounds and pain that harbor your addiction provides the monumental leap forward out of the darkness. At All PSYCHedelic Health, Relief comes rapidly when one responds to KAP, and with integration and recommended boosters, sustainability has been proven.

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