Anxiety Treatments

ketamine for anxiety

Ketamine Therapy for anxiety in Redlands, CA

Anxiety creeps in everywhere. It will cause you to feel on edge, it will make it hard for you to stop worrying and unable to relax or even sit still. You might feel irritable, have a sense of impending doom and might experience a variety of physical or physiological symptoms like sweaty palms, racing heart or tight chest. Anxiety is really uncomfortable, yet you can’t escape it.

Standard treatment for anxiety merely addresses the symptoms of anxiety and not the core issues. With Ketamine assisted psychotherapy weakened or diminished neuronal connections are restored, and psychic complexes are viewed through a lens that gives a shift in perspective all the while offering mind-bending breakthroughs in a container that maintains clinical safety, peace and full support. This is cutting-edge therapy providing opportunity to shift from broken pathways to fresh unpaved territory… creating the new ways in which you want to show-up in your life… void of those waves and patterns of anxiety and stress.

Through the guidance of All PSYCHedelic Health’s highly skilled psychotherapists and medical specialists along with post-treatment integration, Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy offers lifelong positive changes.