Depression Treatments

ketamine for depression

Ketamine Therapy for depression in Redlands, CA

Depression takes on a variety of experiences. You might feel hopeless, you may feel like you have lost all interest in things, even the things that used to bring you joy. With depression, you might have lost your appetite and feel like you have no energy, you might struggle to concentrate and even feel like a failure. With a more serious depression, you might often think and feel that you would be better off dead.

Although depression is a leading global cause of disability, only a third of patients respond to traditional psychotropic medication. At ALL PSYCHedelic Health, Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can offer profound, lasting improvement within hours of treatment.

While stress over time weakens neural connections in the brain, depression actually decreases the number of synapses in the brain. Ketamine restores these connections. When Ketamine binds to the NMDA receptor, creating a glutamate surge (dominant neurotransmitter). Consequently, this releases growth factors, like BDNF, which promotes new synaptic connections and more aligned thinking patterns.

Ketamine has also been shown to rapidly reduce suicidality as well as chronic suicidal ideation. Research supports up to 75% of patients reporting relief in their depression following just a single Ketamine infusion.

Through the guidance of All PSYCHedelic Health’s highly skilled psychotherapists and medical specialists along with post-treatment integration, Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy offers lifelong positive changes.

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