Set, Setting, and What to Expect During My Session?

After the initial treatment plan is developed by Dr. Covington and Dr. Hoffman provides a a cleared physical, patients are scheduled for their KAP series of `sessions in a short timeframe, usually all sessions within a few weeks. 

 Patients are asked to prepare mentally for their upcoming sessions. This aspect is called the SET component that is the foundation of each session; the mindset you bring to the process is important. We recommend a quiet, mindful day or at least a few hours prior to session with little to no exposure to potential stressors such as the news or discussions about topics that are known to be a source of stress. 

 We also ask that patients fast for at least four hours prior to their arrival and bring a light snack and drink with them. 

 Expect our staff to be purposely quiet with patients before and after treatment. This behavior is meant to further help patients mindfully remain focused on themselves, their forthcoming treatment rather than social interactions. This minimal interaction is part of the SETTING, as is the thoughtfully comfortable nature of the treatment rooms. 

 Patients begin each treatment with a vitals check and connection to vital monitoring devices for the duration of the session,  followed by administration of an intravenously delivered, individually calculated dose of ketamine. Patient physical comfort is facilitated with blankets, pillows or water, adjustments of the lounge chairs, and placement of a light-blocking eye mask. 

 Approximately 10 minutes after ketamine is administered, patients begin to feel the relaxing effects which begins their psychotherapy session with Dr. Covington. 


 Music is a part of every life experience, forming and retrieving memories as well as a way to help calm us. Dr. Covington has curated a very wide variety of music that will play in the background to elevate the experience. In the ketamine experience, patients feel their surroundings vividly, especially music; it can help elicit thoughts and images from their subconscious. 

 All patients are different, as are their experiences. Some patients may experience a wide variety of visual effects, from very colorful to very dark, almost completely black. Any thoughts that arise, patients are encouraged to discuss as they wish. See testimonies for patient perspectives. 

 For some patients, sessions feel like a lucid dream that may help explore trauma or difficulties that are otherwise too complicated or distressful to address or see a path forward. Ketamine, for many patients, seems to unwind these complexities for clarity. 

 Again, each patient is different and while we have shared some common experiences, patients are encouraged to simply remain open and unattached to the immediate experience. 

Dr. Covington and Dr. Hoffman will review your experience and physical responses along with your vitals to determine if any adjustments are necessary to the dose of ketamine as you progress through you sessions.   

 After the session, patients return to consciousness and are encouraged to have their snack to help revive the system rapidly, but it takes several hours for ketamine to fully leave the body. Therefore patients MUST HAVE A DRIVER following their sessions, no exceptions. 

 We recommend taking time off the day of sessions. Some patients feel capable of working after their sessions; regardless, patients may not drive after treatment.  

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