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About the Osmind App

All PSCYCHedelic Health has chosen to work with Osmind as part of our commitment to quality and evidence-based practice. Osmind software improves mental wellness treatment by facilitating communication with your provider. 

You will receive access to the Osmind platform through text or email from "" if you have not received notification, please check your spam folder. To get started, download the mobile app. On the iPhone, click this link to download the app (alternatively, search “Osmind” in the app store). For Android users, click this link to download the app (or search “Osmind” in the Google Play Store). 

What to expect 

All PSYCHedelic Health will ask you to track how you are doing between visits, using mood scores and/or validated questionnaires prompted by notifications and text messages to remind you to complete these measures. The more engaged you are with the app the better we are able to see which interventions work and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. 

This app is not designed for use during emergency situations. 

All PSYCHedelic Health only monitors the app during business hours. Please do not use this app to communicate if you are having an emergency — in that case you should call 911 and contact emergency services. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with the software application, please email Osmind direct,


Mood Tracking App


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