Patients integrate differently

Overall wellbeing does not happen in a vacuum or by accident. It is a purposeful and ongoing participation in one’s life that keeps us feeling balanced. As with the mindful preparation before treatment, it is individual and up to each patient to take the time to take part in a meaningful way in creating their experience, what patients do after treatment, integrating, interpreting, using their experience in their life going forward is the most critical component of getting the most from KAP sessions and the key to improved mental wellbeing. 

What is integration, and how do I integrate

Some examples of integration: 

A patient recognizes areas of their life that they can control, that lead to improved outcomes, they take steps toward that goal and achieve desired results for a positive outcome. 

A patient may recognize things they cannot control and allow that understanding to drive their reactions in a healthier manner going forward, directly limiting stress in previously stressful situations for improved overall wellbeing. 


A ketamine session feels a bit like a dream, but it is remembered more clearly than a dream and even more so as patients reflect on the experience through writing, talking about, or listening to music. Some patients realize more and more memories, understanding, or new perspectives will come to them a day later, a week later, a month later. 

This is all part of improved wellbeing, the discovery of the origin of thoughts, development of our behaviors, and more obvious connections to outcomes that we can control. This is why integration is the biggest part of treatment and why ongoing discussion of the experience is important with either a trusted friend, family member or therapist. 

Some patients find writing about their experience helps draw out more meaning. Many patients report continued revelations surprising them months after their sessions. This is why the integration, what patients do with what is experienced, revealed or learned through treatment is the most important part and the self-work that makes the real self-improvement happen. 

Both reflecting and taking action are aspects of integration; Working to understand oneself and employing that understanding in some way going forward-both integration. 

The Osmind App that we ask you to download and interact with is part of the integration process and important to reflect on daily to get the most out of the treatment and help us guide patients with the data shared via the daily rating scale. The journal entries are specifically meant to spark more awarenesses. Journaling is not mandatory, but reading the questions and at least considering a response is helpful for further understanding of self and wellbeing. 

The  Playlists 

We have included the master Spotify playlist combining several relaxing music compositions that may help patients remember more of their sessions. It may also bring a soothing return of relaxation. We encourage patients to explore the playlist,   curate their own playlists from their favorites, and listen in mindful moments of self-reflection. Click here to go to the playlist in Spotify. 


Mood Tracking App


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