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We utilize psychedelic medications combined with the best practices of both medicine and clinical psychotherapy  to provide
a personalized path for improved mental and overall wellbeing for humankind.


Tracy Covington Ph.D., AAPM

Dr. Covington is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Biofeedback, a Diplomate in Pain Management with additional training in the highly specialized treatment of pyschedelics in psychotherapy.

Her private practice of more than 30 years has been a composite of services including psychotherapy, applied physiology, executive and organizational coaching, collaboration on monthly professional seminars, a monthly radio show, and a variety of publications emphasizing consciousness, psychology, temperament, and the possibilities of the human endeavor.

With growing evidence through more than two decades of research on the therapeutic benefit of Ketamine treatment for a variety of psychological health concerns, Dr. Covington is now expanding her services to include a variety of Ketamine (psychedelic) protocol therapies.
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Rachel L. Hoffman, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Hoffman, is a collaborating partner of All PSYCHedelic Health. She holds a doctoral nursing degree, is Board Certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center and holds an additional degree as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner .  

Her professional affiliations and work serve her continued commitment to the advancement of the mental health profession. Her unique specialties include: Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Mental Health Across the Lifespan.

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April Bellamy, MSN, FNP-C

Ms. April Bellamy is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in the State of California with a Master’s Degree from California Baptist University as well as Family Nurse Practitioner, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. A diligent and dedicated healthcare professional with current experience specializing in the latest Infusion Therapy practices in a psychedelic assisted psychotherapy setting. 

Ms. Bellamy has management experience in large care facilities working in collaboration with physicians, physical and occupational therapists and supervising nursing staff. Her earliest years of practice included Pediatric General Medicine Practice and several years of bedside experience on an Acute Physical and Neurological Rehabilitation unit as a Registered Nurse.

All PSYCHedelic Support Staff 

Kathy Rouse runs everything All PSYCHedelic Health behind the scenes. She brings more than twenty years of medical office executive management to our team. You will likely speak with her regarding the details of your KAP series. She can answer any of your billing questions.  


Mardi Linane is a special patient liaison available to answer questions about KAP, preparation, what to expect in sessions, integration or help facilitate scheduling assessments, physicals, booster sessions or references to mental healthcare providers for those patients who do not currently have an affiliation and are seeking support beyond KAP. 

Integrating Your Experience

The Body and Brain are One: Many people experience anxiety and or depression through the embodiment of  physical pain, muscle tension, headaches, insomnia, digestion issues, chronic fatigue, elevated heart rate. These physical manifestations come as a result of unknowingly holding one’s body in tension and or breathing shallowly long after, often years, even decades after the initial event that sparked the fear or stress to being with. 

Holding tightness in the gut, back, shoulders, or jaw is a common source of physical health problems. Both breathing, which affects heart rate and muscle tension are mechanisms of specific cues that alert your brain there is reason to be on high alert, thus driving the constant loop of anxiety. Remaining in a constant loop of anxiety has an association with higher rates of depression. 

Many patients decide on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for themselves without a mental healthcare provider. For these patients, it is important to know that KAP is an accelerated starting point for both uncovering and beginning to address the source(s) of trauma, fear, emotional pain, underlying depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mood disorders. It is not uncommon for patients to recognize a path forward.

While significant revelationary experiences may occur during KAP, it is after sessions, in the days, weeks, and months afterward that the dots of the past continue to be connected as to how you interpret and live your life in the present. To get the most from treatment, we recommended that you consider working with a professional beyond your KAP series to help integrate what may have come up in your sessions and to help you proceed on a path forward to mental wellbeing. 

We have Ms. Reva Bloom and Mr. Kris Sharp here in the Bickford, Covington, and Associates building, working independently in collaboration with us to help our KAP patients achieve the most from treatment. 

It’s worth bearing in mind what you hope to gain from both KAP, ongoing therapy, and how these factors might be affected by the therapist and type of psychotherapy you undertake. There are many types of therapy and support professionals who vary in practice to choose from. A beneficial therapeutic relationship is based on the ability of both therapist and client to understand, trust and communicate with one another. 

We have developed a small cadre of unaffiliated support professionals in the greater Redlands community who are familiar with KAP treatment, what to expect from the mental healthcare provider perspective and may have openings in their schedules. We have a list of names only. We do not schedule appointments, cannot guarantee availability, nor do we know what health insurance they accept. It is up to patients to investigate.

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Reva Bloom

Reva Bloom, Integrative Therapies

Reva Bloom is an advanced practitioner of craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and lymphatic drainage. Her work in the field of Osteopathy enables her to treat a wide range of physical conditions rooted in psychophysiology.  

Ms. Bloom's work is divided between uncovering the role of unconscious thoughts, emotions, past experiences, and hands-on physical manipulation of the body to identify and relieve problem areas of discomfort. Patients will learn the direct short, and long-term effects of physical and psychological behaviors, how their specific health issues manifest in the body as a direct result.  

Ms. Bloom has an extensive background in psychedelic integration and body work and can provide guidance with modifications to or the creation of new habits to improve wellbeing. More about Reva Bloom  

Contact her directly to schedule appointments either before or in the weeks following your KAP series. (951) 505-1727 

 "I made an appointment with Reva Bloom by recommendation of Dr. Covington. I was amazed not only by her knownledge of the human body and her ability to get to the root of the cause of my discomfort. The insightful conversation we had about the source of my anxiety helped me understand myself and my reactions. I didn't realize how I was holding (the anxiety) it in my body which was causing a varieyt of health issues. She  gave me suggestions for calming my anxiety and I feel  better prepared to react in a healthier manner." -patient quote


Kris Sharp, MPA, BCB, BCN 

Kris Sharp is the principal of BioNeuroHealth, providing self-regulatory training with special emphasis on improving health and cognitive behaviors, as well as pain and stress management. He received his educational training in Physiological Psychology and Applied Behavioral Science at California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California. 

Mr. Sharp uses biofeedback technology, a mind-body technique that shows patients in visual and auditory form how their physical behaviors directly affect biomechanical outcomes such as blood flow, respiration, heart rate, which send stress or calming signals to the brain. His work with Veterans with PTSD has garnered him award recognition. Patients ultimately learn how to improve their wellbeing through finely tuned (modified) behaviors. More about Kris Sharp   Call to schedule an appointment (909) 794-8400

"I have found my time with Kris to be fascinating and beneficial. After KAP I realized I needed to figure out what was causing my fatigue and sleep issues. Kris evaluated me with his software that allowed me to see the way I physically held my body, shoulders was impinging the ability of my heart and lungs to literally breathe easy. I learned breathing efficiency, while it seems we all should just know how to breathe, but we humans can complicate things and in the process send all the wrong signals to our brain to remain in fight or flight mode. You hear the word stress so often it has lost its sting, but when unchecked, is very damaging to your body not to mention your quality of life. The software also showed me how much tension I was holding in the muscles in my shoulders and the connection to my heart rate. Kris helped me understand how to pay closer attention to my body, my breathing and how I held my shoulders, how I prepared for sleep. Every appointment has been so educational and helpful. Wish I had known this stuff decades ago."  -patient quote





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